Source code for tortoise.exceptions

from typing import TYPE_CHECKING, Any, Optional, Union

    from tortoise import Model, Type

[docs]class BaseORMException(Exception): """ Base ORM Exception. """
[docs]class FieldError(BaseORMException): """ The FieldError exception is raised when there is a problem with a model field. """
[docs]class ParamsError(BaseORMException): """ The ParamsError is raised when function can not be run with given parameters """
[docs]class ConfigurationError(BaseORMException): """ The ConfigurationError exception is raised when the configuration of the ORM is invalid. """
[docs]class TransactionManagementError(BaseORMException): """ The TransactionManagementError is raised when any transaction error occurs. """
[docs]class OperationalError(BaseORMException): """ The OperationalError exception is raised when an operational error occurs. """
[docs]class IntegrityError(OperationalError): """ The IntegrityError exception is raised when there is an integrity error. """
[docs]class NoValuesFetched(OperationalError): """ The NoValuesFetched exception is raised when the related model was never fetched. """
[docs]class NotExistOrMultiple(OperationalError): TEMPLATE = "" def __init__(self, model: "Union[Type[Model], str]", *args) -> None: self.model: "Optional[Type[Model]]" = None if isinstance(model, str): args = (model,) + args else: self.model = model super().__init__(*args) def __str__(self) -> str: if self.model is None: return super().__str__() return self.TEMPLATE.format(self.model.__name__)
[docs]class MultipleObjectsReturned(NotExistOrMultiple): """ The MultipleObjectsReturned exception is raised when doing a ``.get()`` operation, and more than one object is returned. """ TEMPLATE = 'Multiple objects returned for "{}", expected exactly one'
[docs]class ObjectDoesNotExistError(OperationalError, KeyError): """ The DoesNotExist exception is raised when an item with the passed primary key does not exist """ def __init__(self, model: "Type[Model]", pk_name: str, pk_val: Any): self.model: "Type[Model]" = model self.pk_name: str = pk_name self.pk_val: Any = pk_val def __str__(self): return f"{self.model.__name__} has no object with {self.pk_name}={self.pk_val}"
[docs]class DoesNotExist(NotExistOrMultiple): """ The DoesNotExist exception is raised when expecting data, such as a ``.get()`` operation. """ TEMPLATE = 'Object "{}" does not exist'
[docs]class IncompleteInstanceError(OperationalError): """ The IncompleteInstanceError exception is raised when a partial model is attempted to be persisted. """
[docs]class DBConnectionError(BaseORMException, ConnectionError): """ The DBConnectionError is raised when problems with connecting to db occurs """
[docs]class ValidationError(BaseORMException): """ The ValidationError is raised when validators of field validate failed. """
[docs]class UnSupportedError(BaseORMException): """ The UnSupportedError is raised when operation is not supported. """