Our short term goal is to ship the current implementation as MVP, just somewhat matured.

For v1.0 that involves:

  • Timezone support


Here we have all the features that is slightly further out, in no particular order:

  • Performance work:
    • Sub queries

    • Change to all-parametrized queries

    • Faster MySQL driver (possibly based on mysqlclient)

    • Consider using Cython to accelerate critical loops

  • Convenience/Ease-Of-Use work:
    • Make DELETE honour limit and offset

    • .filter(field=None) to work as expected

  • Expand in the init framework:
    • Ability to have Management Commands

    • Ability to define Management Commands

    • Make it simple to inspect Models and Management Commands without using private APIs.

  • Migrations
    • Comprehensive schema Migrations

    • Automatic forward Migration building

    • Ability to easily run arbitrary code in a migration

    • Ability to get a the Models for that exact time of the migration, to ensure safe & consistent data migrations

    • Cross-DB support

    • Fixtures as a property of a migration

  • Serialization support
    • Add deserialization support

    • Make default serializers support some validation

    • Provide clean way to replace serializers with custom solution

  • Extra DB support
    • CockroachDB

    • Firebird

  • Enhanced test support
    • hypothesis strategy builder

  • Fields
    • Expand on standard provided fields

  • Documentation
    • Tutorials


Become the de facto Python AsyncIO ORM.